Platina Watch & Co – How it all started

The founder of Platina Watch & Co has a lifelong passion for timepieces and a background of construction, architecture and design

He started working on a project to create a very own timepiece for himself. Down the road of creations, the longing to share his pieces with like-minded individuals began its journey.

At the age 14 he worked all summer to buy his first swiss timepiece, a Tissot automatic. As the years went his personal collection grew bigger, a Victorinox, Oris, Raymond Weil, Maurice Lacroix, U-Boat, Graham and Panerai were added with many others. He discovered new brands such as Richard Mille, Ulysse Nardin and Roger Dubuis that he felt a little bit extra for. Any place he went in the world, it was always the search for new watches that stood in center, to find just that perfect one. He looked at his personal collection and thought, if only there was a way to combine all of them. To take the best qualifications from each one and put together to one timepiece.

The Founder, Dejan Stojanovski
Born: 1976, Gothenburg, Sweden

In the early year of 2000

He started to put all ideas on a piece of paper, from the visual design it developed to technical solutions. He got in touch with people in the watch industry with the thought to only make one piece for himself, but down the road of creations the project grew bigger and the longing to share his timepieces with like-minded people grew bigger. It wasn´t until many years later that the passion project took its form as what is today Platina Watch & Co.

“The desire was to create the perfect watch with less zero’s on the price tag. To keep the same specification of design, finish and quality as the giant luxury brands ranging from 50k to 500k EUR. That’s the biggest challenge we have had and is still not an easy task to keep up when launching new timepieces to the collection. But when achieved, it’s all so very worth it.”

– Dejan Stojanovski
CEO and Founder of Platina Watch & Co

The Brand

Platina Watch & Co create Swiss timepieces with a masculine and raw design. With passion for design the signature pieces are made with plenty of heart and effort on inhouse creations to make it’s own visual imprint on the market together with a great and reliable high quality.

Timepieces to be worn in any environment with a persistence and motivation to embrace through challenges, changes and achievements. Something of what we call – no ordinary classics.


Evening Event – Valencia, Spain

Platina Watch & Co evening event together with Stones by Bernando

Pinky Ring – a powerful statement piece

There’s something special about pinky rings

The launch of Unbroko C2 Skeleton

Intoducing the most desired timepiece so far

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