The launch of Unbroko C2 Skeleton

Launch date: May 13, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our most desired timepiece so far. Introducing the first model in Unbroko C2 Collection – Skeleton blue.

Limited to 100pcs

With an impressive six-layered complication integrated with the mesmerizing skeleton movement. The Skeleton watch is designed to enhance the inner mechanical beauty, highlighting the bridges, gears, and wheels and to give even more depth to it. Your eyes will be drawn to the exposed heart of the movement, the proud balance wheel in constant motion, explore the precise details of each layer.

The Unbroko C2 Skeleton blue

Design and mechanics

The Unbroko C2 Skeleton blue watch model feature a mix of steel and gun black details and a hint of deep blue. The hour index is placed at the top layer with the hands floating smoothly underneath. The numerals 9, 5, 0 stands for 950 for the purity of platinum we consistently work with. As the rest of the Platina Watch & Co collection, the Skeleton model as well have the signature P circle at 6 o’clock made in massive 950 platinum with black engraved icon.

The Platina Watch & Co logotype is found at 3 o’clock, engraved in the dial to keep the rawness and to keep the attention on the Skeleton details that speaks for itself. Not only is this a complex Skeleton watch model but it is also Swiss Made, the signature text is found at the top frame of the balance wheel, written in a deep blue color. The Unbroko C2 Skeleton blue comes together with a dark blue strap bracelet with white seams made in genuine Calf leather with the perfect raw vintage finish.

From Unbroko C1 to C2

The upgrade to Unbroko C2 Collection is the brand-new crown in a smaller size with polished engraved details giving a slim feel for the over-all look. Discover new hands in brushed finish and explore the mesmerizing transition from dark anthracite to bright steel depending on the light setting. The hands feature several layers of Super Luminova to achieve a great vision to tell the time in the dark.

A Swiss Made men’s watch with a raw and masculine design – Powerful and confident


Evening Event – Valencia, Spain

Platina Watch & Co evening event together with Stones by Bernando

Pinky Ring – a powerful statement piece

There’s something special about pinky rings

The launch of Unbroko C2 Skeleton

Intoducing the most desired timepiece so far

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