Evening Event – Valencia, Spain

July 6, year 2023. Valencia, Spain

The warm night of July the doors stood open for the Platina Watch & Co evening event in Valencia together with Stones by Bernardo.

Walking through the beautiful streets of Valencia, pompous buildings and pass the Mercat de Colon you find the grande entrance of Stones by Bernardo store with its orange awnings and Platina Watch & Co display in the window.

Invited members, sharing interest for high end timepieces together with loudly laughs and wine.

The owner of Platina Watch & Co shared the background, passion, brand values and revealed the upcoming launch of Classicon Wandering Hour. An exclusive sneak peek and pre-access to order before everyone else.

“To meet you wonderful people wearing our timepieces and showing interest in our brand, it means everything. Thank you all for coming and for a great evening together. See you next time.”

– Dejan Stojanovski, CEO and founder


Evening Event – Valencia, Spain

Platina Watch & Co evening event together with Stones by Bernando

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