the value of swiss made

The collection is developed, quality controlled and assembled to the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process in Switzerland. The Swiss Made brand is protected by law and serves as a guarantee of quality.


We work with Automatic Swiss movements from Sellita and STP, the movements are carefully selected to be in symbiosis with the visual form of the specific watch model. A Swiss made watch can be worn several lifetimes because of the standard of their made by hand mechanism and material.


We design everything in-house together with the founder, technical developers, design partners and artists. The collection is carefully made with shapes of accuracy. Everything from the case, crown, buckle and into the smallest detail of the watch. It is all in the details.


All components of the watch undergo extremely severe entry controls dealing with their technical, dimensional and aesthetic aspects. Cases are subjected to a water-resistance test at pressure, levelness of the hands, the shape, color, measurements, this is just a few of thousands manual controls to get the final swiss product finalized.

A system for satisfaction


A brand new signature for Platina Watch & Co that you've never seen before. It catches your eye from miles away, it makes you curious. It's our inhouse created buckle-system.

This lock-system will press directly on the bracelet, making it possible to adjust the size precisely after your own wrist. How satisfying? Very.


The signature case of Platina is found in the Unbroko Collection. A raw masculine and confident design yet an elegance by its silhouette. The polished and brushed finish gives impactful contrasts. All the angles and shapes rise and becomes an impressive light catcher.

certified platinum

The most exclusive metal, with its rareness and strength. It is thirty times more rare than pure gold and it takes up to six months to produce a single ounce of platinum, and for this it needs to be processed between eight and ten tonnes of ore. The powerful strength of Platinum lasts further and beyond.

We work with massive 950 Platinum that is made with certified metal recycling technology. Together with our partners in Germany and Switzerland we highly value combining quality and sustainability.

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